When a Fault Becomes a Feature

This small farmhouse is way out in the sticks.  The original structure was just two rooms big, on a rock foundation with log floor joists.  Later, porches front and back were enlarged and enclosed, resulting in a peculiar appearance.  If only the builder had set the porch walls back a foot or two!  As it was, the original roof's eaves were orphaned and obsolete.

We had to gut the place, reinsulate, and install new windows.  A perfect time to reconsider how the exterior could look.  I was sure the awkward eaves had to go, but when I sketched out possibilities, things looked worse.  The facade stretched out widely, topped by a witches hat.  No manner of bandboards, shingles, or Arts & Crafts do-dads could fix this problem.

At the last hour, right before a meeting where I would present "A" and "B", I sketched up "C" and knew I had solved the puzzle.  Let the eaves be, and emphasize the porch additions with contrasting siding.

Renovation by Tim Marr of Traditional Carpentry in Mineral Point.

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