Three Bay Garage

This detached three-bay garage replaced a shed at the back of a narrow city lot.  My design took it's cues from the turn-of-last-century house.  I matched the 12/12 roof pitch for the front gable, but broadened to an 8/12 over the main roof.  Room-in-attic trusses create a spacious storage area, accessed by a narrow stair within the third bay.

Details include cement board lap siding, wide frieze boards, and crown mouldings.  The owner cut square butt shingles with a quarter round to make a cove style like those on the house.  He also installed concrete pavers which border a recycled asphalt driveway.

Construction by Zajicek & Grimm of Dodgeville.  Photos by Eric Wallner of Dodgeville.

608-935-9020 178 1/2 N. Iowa Street Suite 204 Dodgeville, WI 53533