This Garage or That One?

After my design for a living/dining/kitchen addition was built, it was time to look at an outbuilding.  Proposed was a 3 bay garage with in-law apartment above.  Should it match the form, details, and color of the newly minted farmhouse?  Or could it look like a small barn instead?

When there are four family members involved in decision-making, having a realistic and easily understood visual comes in handy.

In footprint and in volume, the building needed to be big.  For the matching option, I stepped one garage bay back, and chose a cross gable to reduce bulk and provide for windows and cross ventilation on four sides.  The scale of the gable ends is similar to the house. 

The barn form was easier.  We expect a barn to be simple and massive.  A shed dormer provides headroom and light upstairs.  Siding is vertical tongue & groove boards.  Painted white, it receeds from the bold blue of the house.

What would YOU choose and why?

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