Plan A or Plan B

Here's a good example of how the contraints and opportunities of a given parcel of land suggests the placement of a home and propels a floor plan forward.  This rural subdivision lot with lovely views west toward the Mississippi River, had several mature trees and an ideal slope from the road for a walkout basement.

With the help of my clients, I surveyed the lot and established an elevation benchmark.  Back at the drafting board, survey points connected to create a topographic map, trees were located and setbacks dashed in.  Often, a septic field is perked before due consideration for house location.  For this project, we had time to consider how outdoor spaces adjacent to the house might be used prior to commiting to a septic field location.

My clients wanted a woodworking shop separate from the house, to contain noise & dust.  Mindful of how the modern garage often overwhelms a house, they were willing to downsize to a 1-car attached garage, knowing that the second vehicle (a truck), could be stored in the shop if needed. 

These two schemes explore how a shared driveway verses two separate driveways would impact outdoor living spaces and the flow of rooms inside.  Number one priority was a large screen porch in front with good connection to the kitchen.  Adjacent to the kitchen would be a mudroom, entered from the garage.  In this way, like a jigsaw puzzel, a logical floor plan began to emerge.

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