Passive Solar

This home in rural Dodgeville was featured in the 2006 Wisconsin Solar Tour of Homes and is a certified Energy Star Home.  Built on an ICF (insulated concrete form) foundation, with SIP (structural insulated panel) walls and roof, it is super airtight with high R value.  A PV (photovoltaic) array on the roof provides grid-tied electricity.  Domestic hot water is supplied by solar panels mounted on a rack adjacent to the house.

South facing windows, including a distinctive breakfast bay and second floor dormer, transmit passive solar heat into the home.  Temperatures are modulated by a concrete slab on grade under a wood floor and by a stone veneer chimney which rises up through the two story space.  Fans in the loft force warm air back down.

The back side of the house faces north, where an unheated porch and a patio at the walkout basement provide summer respite.

Built by Tim Wood from Oregon, Wisconsin.

608-935-9020 178 1/2 N. Iowa Street Suite 204 Dodgeville, WI 53533