Japanese Inspired

After spending several years in Japan, this Wisconsin family settled in a secluded valley south of Spring Green.  My design fitted a small one story home with walkout basement into a steep west facing slope.   Ledge rock from a rediscovered quarry on site creates terraced walls and stepping stones.

A three car garage with wood overhead doors connects to the house through an open breezeway.  A tiled grade level entry where shoes are removed steps up to the living room.  The main source of heat is a wood burning stove set into a natural stone wall, which moderates indoor temperatures by acting as a heat sink.  The main living/dining/kitchen area soars under a curving timber framed roof.   Posts, beams, rafters, flooring, and sheathing were felled and milled on site and include a red oak, ash, and walnut.

Large casement windows flank the northwest corner, bringing expansive views to an upper tatami room while a lower level tatami room has access to an engawa from sliding doors.   Shoji screens filter light and add layers of privacy.

Construction by Rick Hanson and Alex Greene of Red Beard Lumber, both from Spring Green.  Photos by Eric Wallner from Dodgeville.

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