Restored Farmhouse

This turn of the century farmhouse near Clyde had seen many years of neglect.  My clients loved the lush valley views and saw the potential.  Original exterior features including the box bay, pentagon attic windows, and shingled gables were restored or rebuilt.  A classic color scheme was followed, with window sash black and all detailed edges (frieze boards, crowns, casings, and watertable) painted white.  The new clapboard siding is yellow.

Where our plan took off was in the addition of an expansive porch which wraps around the back to become an enclosed mud room.  My design called for a flat membrane roof, hidden by a truncated hip, to match the original entry porch.

During construction, a capped well was found in the front yard.  It's stone ring was perfectly intact.  A local stonemason extended it's form above grade to recreate a reminder of the past.

Built by Bruce Geissbuhler of Darlington.

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