Three Story Cottage

This compact cottage is nestled into a steep wooded ravine north of Dodgeville.  The site required a basement level garage and front entry.   Tiers of locally quarried rock were artfully laid to anchor the slope behind the home. A screen porch extends outdoor living through the bug season, and with its flat roof provides an emergency exit from the second floor.

The entryway is a sun infused tiled room where a cherry staircase links three levels of living space, expressed on the exterior by a vertical band of small square awning windows.  At the top of the stair is an intimate master suite, tucked under the sloping roof.  The shed dormer gives headroom for an office nook.  The living room and guest/tv room have generous double hung windows.  Another small square window illuminates a pantry off the back hall, just across from the kitchen.

Built by the homeowner!  Rock walls by Lew Lama.  Photos by Eric Wallner.

608-935-9020 178 1/2 N. Iowa Street Suite 204 Dodgeville, WI 53533