6 Plan Sketches

The key to a winning design begins by looking at multiple options. This project presented a blank slate: the upper floor of an 1840's warehouse, to be converted into the owner's apartment.  Besides the bricked over windows, we had only the existing stair to work around.  A non-bearing wall could be removed.

For best light East and South, and with views overlooking downtown, the Living Room would go in front.  This made sense too, at the top of the stair.  The middle space would be the Kitchen...either more or less open to some sort of dining area, island or table.  The bedroom would be in back, away from street noise.  The remaining space would be divvied up for bathroom, laundry, walk-in pantry, and closets.  The long wall at rear faced north, overlooking rooftops....so if anywhere, windows here could remain bricked, thereby freeing up wall space.

By moving around required elements, and knowing their optimal size, alternate arrangements emerged.  Which plan seems most appealing and why?  Where is space wasted or over-allocated?  Is privacy provided where most appreciated?  What are the cost implications?  Are there too many doors?  By encouraging my clients to think through their daily routines, what they need to store, and which amenities would bring greatest pleasure, we are able to identify the best from each plan and redraw a fresh one.

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