Carpenter Gothic

This is hands-down my favorite home in my portfolio.  Built in 2005, it has become a well-loved and well-lived-in home for a retired couple and their visiting family.  Avid gardeners and dedicated to animal husbandry, the home is designed for function and a plethora of hobbies and avocations.  But good looks, authentic materials, and respect for historic style inside and out isn't compromised.

Small in footprint at 960 square feet, ancillary spaces expand working room to 4448 square feet.  A screened porch connecting home to garage is actually a summer kitchen for processing garden produce.  The garage is used as a wood- and metal-working shop, with guest quarters tucked upstairs under the sloping rafters.  An east facing dormer helps with headroom.

The main floor is entered through a defined, but casual foyer.  Around the corner, the living room rises up 2 stories, and is ringed by "the stacks".....a library on the second floor.  The eat-in kitchen, where the family spends most of their time, is just steps away from the summer kitchen, through a walk-in pantry.

Another route from the summer kitchen is through the farm office-slash-mudroom, where bills are paid and barn boots are slipped off.  Upstairs are two bedrooms and a bath with curbless tiled shower.  Should anyone sprain a ankle, a two-passenger elevator stands at the ready.  The walkout basement has a large walk-in cooler and plenty of room for a stained glass studio and other assorted craft-making.

The west side of the house is well shaded by a 10 foot deep covered deck.  At any time of day, it provides sheltered views of the barn, cows grazing on pasture, and nearby woods.  The home was built by Tim Marr of Traditional Carpentry in Mineral Point.


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